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A move? Take note of how these eclipses have been transforming your life because, by the time they finally conclude in , virtually everything will be different. This is a time for tremendous growth, Cancer love. On July 7, Mercury, the planet of expression, begins a new retrograde cycle.

This will encourage you to redefine your value systems.

Zodiac Signs in the Complete Horoscope

You may feel compelled to make a large purchase but resist the urge to pull out your wallet. Our judgment can be skewed when the messenger planet goes reverse. If you must throw down your credit card, be sure to save your receipt. This could directly impact your closest bonds, Cancer love. Expect massive shifts in your interpersonal dynamics under this sky. In other words, the Sun appears to pass through these constellations over the course of a year.

The passage of the Sun through the zodiac is a cycle that was used by ancient cultures to determine the time of year.

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Most of the planets in the solar system have orbits that take them near the ecliptic plane, within about 8 degrees above or below. The 12 constellations in the zodiac family can all be seen along the ecliptic. The Sun also passes through Ophiuchus and Cetus , but these constellations are not part of the zodiac, but belong to the Hercules and Perseus families respectively. The northern zodiac constellations — Pisces , Aries , Taurus , Gemini , Cancer and Leo — are located in the eastern celestial hemisphere, while the southern — Virgo , Libra , Scorpius , Sagittarius , Capricornus and Aquarius — are found in the west.

Today, the term zodiac is mostly associated with astrology, with the 12 signs of the western zodiac corresponding to the 12 constellations seen along the ecliptic.

The Zodiac Signs in the Horoscope

The so-called cardinal signs Aries , Cancer , Libra and Capricorn mark the beginning of the four seasons, i. The constellations represent the astrological signs of the zodiac. The image was taken from the Atlas Coelestis. Zemeckis, , a modern take on the old tale of the simple-minded fool making his luck despite of, or rather because of his intellectual plainness and his unsophisticated kind heart. The film was a huge success. Nelson, , starring Sean Penn as a mentally retarded father fighting for custody of his little daughter, as well is making a point of emphasizing the importance of heart and emotion over mind and intellect.

A man who was paralyzed from the neck down in a swimming accident, played by the fabulous Javier Bardem, is fighting for his right to legally end his life while at the same time inspiring a positive attitude towards life in the people supporting him. Shallow soap operas too make use of stories like these, just as well as they thrive on the material popular tear-jerking melodramas from the 50ies were made of.

Cancer in Astrology

Sirk, , where a rich widow falls in love with a socially inappropriate and younger man, whom her children are not willing to accept [2]. Such stories rarely make it to the theatres today, since they are on the daily menu of both shallow TV-shows and the latest adaptation of some Pilcher-novel.

Yet now and then there is grand cinematic emotion in small films, daring to bring some hard stuff, some emotionally challenging twists of fate to the screen without any kitsch or stereotyped images. They invite us to share in the ups and downs of their eccentric and likable characters, acting out their range of feelings uninhibitedly and thus very Cancer-like. Groeningen, , a tale about the love and dreams of a couple living an unconventional life. They both already have had their shares of difficult times and lost their innocence long ago, so that probably because of that, they enjoy love and happiness with each other even more dearly when they are actually blessed with a daughter.

What happens to them, after the girl is diagnosed with Cancer and finally dies is depicted in an emotionally convincing manner without shying away from the various and different ways of expressing deepest pain. Illustrating all of it, the film is never kitschy but thoroughly touching.

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Again music is an important part of it and in its particular approach of the lively and emotional sound of bluegrass-music it perfectly corresponds to the Cancer-quality of the movie. That is what many coming-of-age films are about, with stories of troubled kids, teenagers and youngsters.

Cancer Symbol - Zodiac Sign Astrology

Mills, has to deal with these commotions too, yet he additionally is addicted to sucking his thumb while already being a teenager — that alone makes the Cancer-quality of the movie perfectly clear. Without moralistic finger wagging and in a refreshingly light tone, the film illustrates the emotional rollercoaster the likable and cheeky heroine is in for, while having to decide about the possibility of abortion and in her subsequent search for adoptive parents for her baby.

Struggling with their difficulties and breakdowns they nevertheless go on the road together, supporting and encouraging the little girl to pursue her dream.